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    Memorial to Tullie  


The attached photo is of Tullie our Yorkie X who you rescued when you were in S.Turramurra.  She was about 5.1/2 yrs old then.  You named her Goldie but my Danish girl friend Kirsten renamed her Tulle (which is Danish for beautiful little girl I think).  Kirsten had her for 7 yrs but when Kirsten went into a nursing home, she was going to put Tullie to sleep.  I brought her home and she gave us another 6 yrs.  She was a very fussy eater.  Won't eat dog food so I gave her fillet steak, sausages, BBQ chicken etc - human food!  It was a hard decision to send her to the Rainbow Bridge and Warwick and I are still grieving. I know we did the right thing by her as she was 18+ and had had a few strokes.  She wasn't having quality of life anymore. We have lost 2 dogs in less than a year and are now left with only 4.

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