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    Memorial to Maxi  


RIP Maxi
Our little Maxi, as cute as a button always.
He was adopted from Doggy Rescue about 15 years ago now.
Still acted like a puppy until the very end - when his legs
finally gave way and his age caught up with him. He passed away on Monday 25/11/19.

Maxi was adopted with his friend Bendi, who passed away in 2012.
They were part of my family and then moved to my mum’s in their later years.

Like a little black shadow, Maxi followed my mum around everywhere.
But graciously agreed to share her on the sofa at night with two
very opinionated cats! Who in the end rather loved him too.

Maxi was a constant companion who will be greatly missed.
We loved every minute with this funny gentle soul.
Thank you so much for rescuing him! He has been the greatest gift.

The Lakin Family x

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