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    Memorial to Lionel  



On a very hot summer day, Lionel (Gobbleduck) the Wonderdog toddled into our lives…
After a tough life over the last 11 years, he came with a few scars both mentally and physically. But for some reason, he decided we were his and he was ours and all would be ok… & it was.

He was a true Langthaller, loved food, travelling, & sat afternoon snoozing! Our friends laughed at his "first class" lounge set up in the back seat of the car on various trips around the country, but basically as long as Lionel had his hero (Felix my husband) in sight & his fav rug or towel to lie on, he was happy…
& so Lionel became one of the best parts of our life in every way…

But after 13 months of love and laughs, our spunky little take no prisoners Diggity dog seemed to lose a bit of spark. Tests found a very aggressive tumour in his throat. Treatment of various types were tried by our wonderful vets, but when it spread to his nose, and he no longer wanted to eat even his all time fav meal roast chicken, we knew there was a better place waiting for Lionel.

Lionel left us on a summer day, 23rd Feb 2010, peacefully in my arms wrapped in his fav rug, much loved on this day and always.

I am sure he is now in this great Doggy Dreamland where there are liver cookies all the time, cheese is totally good for him whenever he wants, the couch is always his, no dastardly black and white Moggy sneaking up on his deaf side J, & no pain in any part of his memory.

How lucky were we, that Lionel chose us..
Love you Diggity Dog xx

Sandra and Felix Langthaller



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