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    Memorial to Cookie  


I am not sure who will be reading this message, but I would very much appreciate it if it could be passed on to Monika on my behalf.
My name is Daniele Di Paolo and my daughter Linda has been volunteering each Wednesday at Monika’s place as a dog groomer.
Linda has a couple of Doggie Rescue dogs of her own at home but before that, her first doggie pet was a little mini foxie,
Cookie, who still lived with me and my partner. He was 14 years old when we sadly had to say goodbye on Friday night, when he lost his last battle with cancer.
He looked very much off colour in the morning (quite unexpectedly, even though we knew that he was slowing down given his age and medical conditions),
so I took him to SASH, the specialist veterinary hospital, where he was a regular visitor over the years.
They diagnosed him as having internal bleeding from his liver tumour, which was removed back in 2015 but grew back in recent months.
The only option to give him any chance was surgery, but his little body was
not strong enough and while the intensive care staff did all they could to help him along post surgery, his heart kept weakening.
We all made it to SASH to say our goodbyes and agreed it was best to let him go quietly without any suffering, a very difficult and painful decision, in particular
for Linda who has always been so close to him.

Plenty of happy memories of this feisty little guy who stole Linda’s heart 14 years ago
when he popped his head out of a box in the pet shop window, was always there when she was
feeling down, and subsequently set her off on her current career path, loving all doggies big
and small and leaving her with an enduring legacy and a broken heart.

Catching some sun and a nap on the couch on the deck

His favourite resting place at home (my reading chair which he made his own…).
This is a very recent picture of our little guy.

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Memorial to Cookie

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