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We are a no-kill shelter, rescuing and re-homing abandoned dogs from death row in Sydney's pounds

DOG WALKING is recommencing..

DoggieRescue is delighted to announce restrictions have been lifted on walking at our shelter, we are looking forward to welcoming you back onsite. We have had some changes occur during COVID-19 that we want you to be aware of. We no longer require you to sign up in advance for dog walking. However, due to the large number of successful adoptions we have very few child friendly dogs available to walk so we may not be able to accommodate walking for your family at this point, also due to the sheer number of adoptions we have fewer dogs onsite who are ready to walk with the public. This means there may be a delay in getting a dog for you to walk. We ask for your patience with our team at this time. We continue to practise social distancing onsite and have plenty of hand sanitizer ready for your return.

We look forward to seeing familiar faces and welcoming new ones to our shelter and appreciate your ongoing support during these difficult times

We are in urgent need of Topical Heartworm Treatment(Advocate or Revolution), Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter, cat food, cable ties and latex gloves.

Gorgeous Doggie Gear for sale or come and browse our Doggie shop, at our shelter Ingleside.

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Not everyone is in a position to adopt a dog, which is why DoggieRescue runs a foster program making it easy for caring dog lovers to make an immediate difference.

Meet our top ten doggies desperate for a foster home.  These are most frequently doggies who have spent a long time in the shelter and are in urgent need of some quiet time in a loving home. More...

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Jono Coleman researches what can we be done to make sure our beloved animals stay off the streets.

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